Wednesday, December 07, 2016 • 04:09 pm
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Welcome to Our Site...

Smith-Lenoir Graphic Creations has tailored its Graphic Design Services specifically with small businesses and start-ups in mind.

We know your brand is an important aspect of your business and we're pleased to offer you a select set of services to create, maintain or enhance your business persona.

Professional graphic design services at affordable prices. That's what we offer. So, take a look around and don't forget to check out our Special Projects.

Please let us know if you need us.


Imagine your own theme music that plays wherever you go–heavy on the strings, loaded on the bass, up-tempo or slow, soft or loud. You gave the music composer a few ideas. The composer made a few recommendations and wha-lah!-your own theme music. You've just been branded.

So, if you're starting your business and need a look and feel that represents who you are and what you do you need branding. We can help you.

What used to be a corporate marketing concept expressed mostly by the big firms is today a household term used by individuals, start-ups and small businesses to build and maintain a following.

You can start with us today and come away with a product that's professional, competitive and memorable. You can then use your branding on any print item, web or social media site, smart device or television!

Allow us to help you create the image that represents you and your business.

Web Design

Your web site is your virtual store complete with a store front and all the analogies. Typically, there are dedicated areas for your logo and main content as well as areas to give your visitors a glimpse of what's inside.

In web development these areas are headers, footers, articles, sidebars, menus, etc.

We take a template similar to the one here and dress it up with images, colors and functionality. We then add your content and fix it where you can manage your own content thereafter.

Pricing of course, is shaped by the your vision. Consider the stages of creating a website: planning, design, development and coding, testing and launching.

We'll advise you during planning to ensure our price meets your budget so give us a shout and let's get your business online.


Special Projects

While we enjoy designing for our clients, every now and then we design something for ourselves–from us to the world. We call these Special Projects.

For example, we're very excited about our African-American Inventions project which features beautiful calendars,  posters and other products of notable early African-American inventions.

In this one of a kind series, we selected 12 inventions, acquired the original patent drawings and brought them to life through illustration.

We're also creating other original designs for a host of online products. Be sure and shop one of our product sites for seasonal or holiday gifts.